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What Should You Look For When Choosing Baby Cots?

Aww, how cute your baby looks when he’s taking a nap or in a deep sleep! No one wants to disturb him. Especially, mommies, Right? They are conscious of delivering their adorable one a pin-drop-silence. However, babies need lots of sleep and during the first two years, they will averagely spend most of their time in sleeping. They pass their whole day in sleeping, playing and eating. Thus, it is a big challenge for a mom to keep a baby safe & happy throughout the day.

As a responsible parent, you won’t afford little scratch on a baby because he is too small to take any kind of wounds. Thanks to baby cots because there are so many features that can provide a baby with a safe environment. For safety purpose, moms come up with boori cot for their little one. But safety still remains at the top. You have to go for below-given guidelines before making baby cots purchase.

Choosing a cot

The only reason for choosing these safety standards is to reduce the number of accidental infant deaths each year due to suffocation. Consider below guidelines which will help you when you’re looking for a cot.

Cot Frame

  • Depth : the distance between the top of the cot sides and the top of the mattress should be at least 50cm, it helps you to prevent your baby from climbing out of the cot.
  • Cot bars should be vertical. If they are horizontal then your baby could use them as a ladder to climb out from the cot. Also, the distance between bars should be no more than 6.5cm apart so your baby can not get stuck between the cot bars.
  • It is recommended by some kid experts that a cot with bars on all four sides is the ideal, as it allows air to circulate freely while your baby is taking a deep sleep.

Cot Mattress

  • This article is recommending you to buy a new cot mattress or if you’re using second-hand mattress then you should check whether it is clean & dry or not. Your cot mattress should be firm, with no gaps.
  • Mattresses tend to come in two sizes, one is standard and another one is continental.
  • You should choose the mattress that is firm rather than soft. Your baby needs support while he is sleeping. So, your cot mattress should be thinner than 8cm.

Second Hand Cots

  • If it is very old, painted cot then it may need to be repainted and stripped down.
  • If there is a drop-side mechanism then check, if it works smoothly and stays in the up position.
  • You should check if there is nothing sticking out of the top rail which may catch your baby’s clothes.
  • Check that there is nothing on the inner side of the cot that your baby can use for climbing out.

Where To Place The Cot

Babies are less able to control their temperature so the cot shouldn’t be near a sunny window or a radiator. Blind cords are also not safe for babies as they have been knowing to become entangled with these.

Are Cot Bumpers Safe?

The cot bumper’s safety is a big question because there is the risk of strangulation and suffocation. They can also be used to climb on when your baby becomes mobile so they are not recommended.


This article is focusing on different factors that you should consider while choosing baby cots. Thus, follow the guidance and create the safest zone for your baby by delivering the best essentials. Place the cots at the safer area where your baby can pass his full day without any problem. Because, no mom can afford baby’s discomfort. Select the best baby cots for your newborn that deliver the unlimited comfort. Though, “A child’s laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world”. Keep your baby happy!

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