Monday, March 25, 2019
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Unique Luxury Business Gifts for Men

Whether it’s for his birthday, a holiday or just because, every time is a good time to give luxury business gifts for men to the special guy in your life. Men who travel often for business are extremely difficult to buy for sometimes- you want to get them something great, but they either are not home too much to enjoy it or they really have no need for it due to those travels. There are some luxury business gifts for men though that are universally perfect, no matter if he uses them in the office, at home, or he carries it with him on his trips.

A beautiful hand-made valise is perfect for traveling, and a really good one is going to be first and foremost built to tolerate extensive handling and travel. These travel bags are classy, stylish and functional, all at the same time- no one ever said that travel bags had to be ugly to be sturdy! The nicest ones are those that have a full grain leather body and are double-stitched at all of the stress points to make sure your man will get plenty of use out of them, heavy duty zippers and reinforced carrying handles and straps. Lots of large pockets are always helpful, some of which are open and some should have either magnetic or zippered closures. Always make sure that the valise you choose has a comfortable, adjustable and removable shoulder strap and metal feet on the bottom of it.

If your guy already has a leather valise, how about an artificial wall aquarium? We aren’t talking about those children’s toys, that’s for sure. There are some wall aquariums that have LED backlighting to enhance and highlight the movement of the artificial fish, jellyfish and other life-like sea creatures in there. His staff members will be amazed at the sight of realistic seaweed and even colorful coral reefs that are in these elegant aquariums, which are mesmerizing and soothing without any of the maintenance and hassle of typical live aquariums. The really nice models even have quiet motors that create currents for a gentle rise and fall of the water. Many of these can either be mounted on the wall, set up on a bookshelf or set on a desk or table top.

For those of us with guys who are at the top of the world, Geochron’s time zone map is a full-color moving map showing the times of different cities all over the globe. This one revolves within its frame at a speed that represents the earth’s rotation, too! As if that weren’t cool enough, it also shows the portion of the world that is in night time and the portion that is in daylight! This awesome display is backlit by two fluorescent tubes and the mylar panels produce a gorgeous illuminated pattern that adjusts with the seasons as well. Incredibly it shows the exact global location of day and night and also the moment of sunrise and sunset. The creators have also thrown in a moving calendar that displays the date on both sides of the International Date Line, the day of the week and the month. Everything is encased in a glass panel with aluminum housing. Your business man has never, ever seen a map quite like this one!

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