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Tips to Choose Stockings

Want to rejuvenate your love life? Want to go wild? Whatever is the occasion, your anniversary, his birthday or Valentine’s Day, if you need to surprise your partner in the bedroom, what better way to do it but a sexy piece of lingerie? And if you have purchased a sexy new pair of bra and panties already, and still feel as if something’s missing then you definitely need to try out the stockings. The good news is that these women stockings can be worn in the day outside and in the bedroom with a garter belt for a sexier look. So, follow the following tips and watch your love life go absolutely wild!!!

Size: Just like every other lingerie item, taking care of the size of the lingerie that you purchase is an absolute must. If you purchase one size down, they are likely to tear down, and we wouldn’t want that, would we? So, when you go shopping for stockings next time, move around and sit, to see if they are too tight and also see that they don’t cut out the circulation of blood.

Types of stockings: Basically, stockings are of two types based upon how they are held up. Stockings with garter belts are held up by way of hooks feeding into a garter belt worn around the waistband. The stockings without the garter belt are usually held up by a piece of elastic in the end. Garter belts should be worn outside of your home, making sure that they don’t peek out of your outfit and you end up embarrassing yourself.

Types of the pattern:

1. Silk: Silk stockings are very smooth and when worn, give a luxurious feel to your body. However, it should be carefully noted that silk stockings do not stretch at all as there is no lycra in them. So, if you are purchasing silk stockings, take care so as to buy your own size only and not a size down.

2. Fishnet: these stockings generally are made of patterns by big or small holes. These look sexier when worn than the other types.

3. Nylon: This is the more common material used for making stockings. These stockings can be worn professionally too. They can easily stretch due to spandex present in them. They come in sheer as well as obtuse kinds.

If you choose those stockings with Garter belts attached then remember that more are the straps, the better it is. This is because the straps attached make the holding up of stockings easier. Also, buy those stockings which have metal clasps as plastic ones are less durable.

If you choose stockings without the suspender belts, then avoid putting on body lotion on your legs as hold ups have elastic in them that holds up your stockings, and if you apply body lotion, it will reduce the friction between the stockings and your legs, making it easier for the stockings to slip down. If, however, you go with the suspender belts, then apply ample body lotion so that you do not feel any inconvenience while wearing the stockings and you feel comfortable.

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