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The Right Pump for Your Pond or Water Feature

If you’re like many property owners who are considering putting a pond or other water feature in your garden (as the focal point for family members and guests), you probably have a good idea about how it should look. You may have even made sketches or written a list of features. This is a good start, especially when you talk with a representative who can offer professional assistance.

You may be thinking about doing the installation work yourself. If you choose this path, be sure to visit the website of a leading provider in the industry to make sure you have everything you need to complete the project correctly. As you browse through the massive inventory and list of services, be sure to spend some time in the “pond pumps” section. It’s essential to get this choice right because it will be the heart of your feature.

Which Pump

First-time shoppers may find the variety of pumps and the fountain technology a bit overwhelming. There are pumps for garden fountains, for swimming pools, and for features such as waterfalls, so you must be specific when discussing your plans with a pump supplier. For example, you may need a filter pump or a watercourse pump.

A filter pump has one purpose—moving dirty pond water to a separate filter system. While this design is called a “filter” pump, it doesn’t actually clean the pond water. The key is the strainer casing that has several large holes to allow solid particles to pass to the filter system. This type of pump is excellent for koi ponds and other fish ponds because it handles solids well and can send fish excrement to the filter.

One of the most important features you should look for in this type of pump is the energy consumption rating. Pond filtration systems generally operate around the clock, so it’s important to get great service from the pump without eating up a lot of your budget. When you talk with a representative, be sure to describe your planned feature in detail so they can help you make the right selection.


You’ll need a different pump if your pond has a fountain as its focus. Buy a dedicated fountain pump to produce the spray or water jet you desire. These pumps force water upward, from a decorative attachment that can create the pattern you want. The strainer on the outside of a fountain pump has smaller holes so debris doesn’t pass through and block the fountain.

Some installations may require a floating fountain if the pond water or lake water contains a lot of silt or if the water is too deep for a stationary pump. These pumps are suspended under a float, so the clearest water at the top of the pond or lake is used to create the fountain. If you are planning a water feature with a statue or need a specific pump for another task, get in touch with the leading professionals and ask for their assistance.


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