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Sunglasses Cover A Lot of Fashion Faux Pas

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History tells us that actors and actresses began wearing sunglasses in the 1920s to help conceal their identities while out in public. Could it be that today’s celebrities have taken that idea one step further? Could it be that some of them wear sunglasses today for the sole purpose of making fashion statements? Probably, yes. And in that sense, it turns out that sunglasses cover a lot of fashion faux pas.

Imagine going to a formal event wearing a black velvet tuxedo with a white shirt. That sounds okay except for the velvet. But that aside, imagine the tuxedo jacket having three-quarter length sleeves instead of the more traditional full-length. Now things are a bit dicey. But wait, imagine choosing a pair of no-name sneakers as your footwear. Now you have an ensemble that raises a lot of questions.

Everything Can Be Fair Game

An outfit like this would certainly be considered a fashion faux pas. Unless – wait for it – you are a Hollywood set designer standing on stage as you accept an Oscar. It turns out that set designer Shane Vieau wore the very outfit described in this article. How did he get away with it? By capping everything off with the dark pair of aviator sunglasses.

Boom. Drop the mic. End of story.

Designers at Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City, Utah manufacturer of wholesale designer sunglasses, says that everything can be fair game in the world of fashion if you have the right eyewear. In other words, sunglasses really do cover a lot of fashion faux pas.

The reason is simple: sunglasses have the unique ability to draw attention to themselves. Just think about it. When you approach someone wearing a pair of sunglasses, be they designer sunglasses or generic pharmacy wear-overs, you do not pay a whole lot of attention to anything but the dark lenses. It is a natural human tendency.

Humans tend to look one another in the eye as a means of gaging everything from emotional state to the direction the other person is walking. When the eyes are covered with dark lenses, the human brain struggles to figure out what is going on. The result is a focus on the sunglasses that is so strong that we fail to see anything else about the person wearing them.

Wear What You Want with Sunglasses

The human brain is so obsessed with the eyes that people can literally wear whatever they want as long as they have an ice cool pair of sunglasses. Shane Vieau proved it at the Oscars. Nowhere else would that kind of get-up be considered appropriate in a fashion sense. Yet for that night, it was completely acceptable.

Furthermore, had Vieau not been wearing his sunglasses, he would have been heavily criticized by all the fashion reviewers in the media. Instead, the internet lit up with thousands of tweets and Facebook posts declaring Vieau a fashion genius.

If you have a cool pair of sunglasses, feel free to go out in public wearing a polyester leisure suit from 1974. And don’t be afraid to take your partner with you, even if she’s wearing a flower power dress from a decade earlier. You’ve got it covered with your classic black wayfarers.

Fashion rebels like Shane Vieau offer an interesting anthropological study into what makes our culture tick. In truth, we can forgive a lot of fashion mistakes if a person is wearing the right pair of shades. So to the fashion challenged, hold your head high. Hold it high enough that your sunglasses won’t accidentally fall off.

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