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Six styles of prom dresses you cannot miss this season on Jovani


Prom night is such a significant event for every teenager, which will happen once a year in your high school and will be the end of a chapter in your life, and is something that we cannot afford to miss, because of this, at Jovani we want you to look beautiful and incomparable for that expected prom night, for which we undertake an endless effort to find you the perfect prom dress. Do not waste any more time in the pursuit and look at these dress options that you will surely love and will make you look unique in any type of dress you choose.

  1. Shocking prom dresses

These prom dresses are designed with 100% polyester materials and a rear elastic closure which facilitates dressing and undressing. It has a lace design, with a heart shape on the chest and long skirt.

This black dress will make your night unforgettable due to its modern and bright design that everyone will surely notice. This dress is not only for prom is also suitable for the wedding parties, night parties, homecoming party or any other special occasion.

  1. Elegant and glam style prom dresses

This dress has a design of the most delicate and unique decoration with gauze, sequins, and crystals. It is slightly cut in the chest and has a long skirt to the floor.

This dress is ideal for prom parties, prom, wedding night or homecoming. We have all sizes to compliment your silhouette for each body shape, so don’t be afraid to choose the one you like best.

  1. Classic prom dresses

As part of the Jovani’s Latest Prom Dresses collection, the fabric of this piece is tulle with applique decorations, without sleeves. It also has a built-in bra that will help you look better and zipper with buttons.

Almost every girl who buy this dress value it with five stars, thanks to its elegance, ideal for your prom nights and get the attention of all the people that are going to be present.

  1. Red carpet black dress

The fabric with which these dresses are created is made of high-quality satin, which makes them comfortable to wear. It has a double V-neck design, pockets, and sagging shoulders.

This dress is for the most memorable homecoming that requires formality. You will be in the best Hollywood style and like a real movie star. Its wide skirt gives excellent comfort and movement. Perfect to dance the night away.

  1. Prom dresses with glitters

This dress model has a wide variety of styles and different models. It has an elegant neckline design that makes V look super sexy. The back hides the zipper. Also, decorated with colorful jewels, which makes it very elegant and one of the favorite choices to be used for all prestigious events in your high school.

6. Short prom dresses

The length is also necessary. In the case of short prom dresses can be combined with a blazer or long vest to look elegant. While with a coat with striking color and low heels is convenient for the office.

If the intention is to look formal but with a fresh look, wear them with patterned flats and a colorful bag. Playing with patterns and textures is allowed. In winter you can combine it with a coat and long boots to avoid the cold. The trend is towards neutral colors in this case.

If you want to be more casual, add a pantyhose and a military style jacket. The pantyhose can be for day or night. They have a diversity of styles, smooth black, gray or with figures, points and mesh.

Because of its low end, accessories and eye-catching accessories that contrast. If you wear it with a denim shirt and long boots you will have an even more modern look. The sensual touch will be given by a black leather jacket complemented by your favorite black heels.

Also to wear a casual black dress can be worn with tennis, gladiator sandals for the hot season. But the footwear will depend on the style of the dress but they can complement well if you wear them for prom.

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