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Significance of Nose pins!

Nose pins have been worn by the women in India since ancient times; in fact it is believed that the 6,000 year old Vedic manuscripts have also mentioned nose piercings and nose pins. There are many beliefs regarding the origin of the nose pins or also known as nose ring. According to some, the custom of nose piercing originated in the Middle East and after that came to India during the 16th century.The nose pin or the nose ring is also worn in South Africa, along with other nose jewels, to display the wealth of the owner. During the 1970s groups of hippies traveling to India learned about the culture of nose piercings and embraced the practice and it is now a fashion trend followed all over the world by every woman who love this.

In India, these nose pins are worn for traditional purposes and hence will have a very specific design and color. Whereas in the West, nose pin styles are worn only for adornment purposes. Though influenced by traditional nose pins from India, these tend to be more of a modern fashion statementthan a traditional purpose.

There are different varieties of nose pinsavailable and the trends are always evolving. Every woman wants to adopt the trendiest style to enhance her looks and add a delicate and unique touch to her face. Most of the nose pin designs are a perfect combination of contemporary and traditional style and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

One should not hesitate before trying on different types of nose pin or nose ring since it is the most popular fashion accessory right now. For daily wear, the lighter varieties of nose pins will be appropriate as they will not tear the skin around the nose and can be matched up easily with different outfits. For parties and other special occasion, the heavier, designer varieties of nose pins are a good option.

The latest nose pins designs includes the party nose pin styles which come with a variety of glamorous patterns and are the best choice for parties and other occasions. This type comprises the multicolored nose pin which can be teamed up with matching attire like stone studded sarees or lozenge. For parties even silver and gold nose pin designs are an ideal choice as their shining quality matches perfectly with ornate evening wear and can surely turn all heads. One can choose between simple, multi – colored studs or various pretty beads to match the design on the dress.

Another type is the formal nose pin or nose ring for office and daily wear. Elegant, unique and sophisticated, they typically come with a matt finish. These nose pin designs are very delicate as are made with small gems and simple beads.

In the modern or indo western category, there are many designs and types of nose pins including the loop style, single stone, pin, hoop, flower, multiple stone, U-bend etc. They can be small, elegant and simple, with minimal embellishments, or they can be more traditional with extended chains joined to the ear. They are made with various designs and are created in a variety of sizes used precious stones and other materials.

With so many designs and patterns, grab one jewellery online and add it your favourite closet.

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