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Marriage-enhancing Activities and a Cup of Coffee

Some love stories started with just a cup of coffee! Even better, marriages can be saved with a good cup of Joe! While the researchers Maranges and McNulty (2017) suggest that people need self-control to deal with the challenges in romantic relationships, the team of Welsh found out in 2014 that caffeine in moderation can boost self-control and so, relationships. If your marriage is on the verge of falling apart, then this idea gives you more reason to 8 cup coffee maker!

Enjoying Coffee Together

Coffee press is known to brew coffee at its purest form but you don’t have to relish the coffee drinking sessions alone. Share it with your spouse and enhance your relationship along the process. Here are some of the suggested activities that you can do with your dearly beloved over a cup of coffee:

  1. Brew coffee after an early morning walk

Prepare your coffee brewing needs the night before. Make sure you have the fresh, coarsely ground coffee beans and clean coffee maker. After your morning walk on the next day, brew a tasty coffee using your coffee press. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Then, enjoy coffee togetherwhile you wait for the morning sunlight to shine on your beaming faces.

  1. Drink coffee in your pajamas

Take your spouse to a home coffee date night while in your pajamas. Talk over the good things that happened during the day or perhaps watch your favorite movies on Netflix together while sipping a cup of quality brewed coffee.

  1. Before or After Sex Coffee

Some people say that it’s good to drink a cup of coffee prior to love-making because it can boost sexual desires while others prefer to have it after because the aroma of coffee makes them more relaxed. Either way, coffee and sex is a perfect formula for great marital relationships!

  1. Make a coffee surprise

In one of your mundane days, surprise your spouse with his or her favorite coffee. If healthier and richer coffee brew is both your preference, then don’t delay and 8 cup coffee maker.

  1. Play a crazy coffee game

Brew different sets of coffee and add essential oils into it. Let your spouse identify what essential oil you added using the senses of smell and taste. For every wrong answer, put a lipstick mark on your spouse’s face but for every right answer, your spouse will get a kiss. It’s not just fun, it’s also romantic!

  1. Make a Coffee-related Vow

Renew your vow to each other but this time, you’ll have to relate it with coffee. You’ll be surprised how creative you are and how romantic your spouse can be.

  1. Sing-along with a cup of coffee

Song and music is good for a couple’s heart! Choose your favorite karaoke love songs on YouTube and sing together while sipping a cup of coffee from time to time. To make a twist, add a few amount of alcoholic beverage into the cup of coffee, just enough to make you tipsy and do crazy things together.

Point to Ponder

By doing activities together over a cup of coffee, married couples can strengthen their relationship. It might sound funny but it’s absolutely not impossible. Scientific studies can prove it! Rather than wondering if it really works, why not get your coffee press today and share a cup of Joe with your spouse?

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