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Iced Coffee Drinkers Enjoy the Brew in the Wintertime

If you like your coffee iced in the winter, you are not alone. Whilst some people shiver at the idea of sipping an icy cold coffee in the winter time, there is also a growing trend that shows more and more people are becoming iced coffee drinkers.

Interesting Statistics

One recent survey revealed that 80% of these coffee lovers are drinking more of the iced brew than they did a year ago. They added that they prefer the icy drink to hot coffee, even during the coldest times of the year.

Popular Iced Coffee Flavours

Most people love adding flavours to the iced version as well. Fans of cold coffee said that they liked to include flavour sensations such as French vanilla or mocha. Evidently, iced drinkers don’t mind braving the elements as many of them hold a cup of the cold coffee in their bare hand in the winter. Over 56% of the respondents said that cold weather could not stop them from enjoying the icy brew.

Other Important Findings

Most of the respondents know how to make iced coffee, and they have the proper equipment to ensure the drink is regularly savoured and enjoyed. Whilst 42% of the respondents said that the iced variety gives them the energy boost they need, another 20% said they can drink the brew faster than a hot coffee drink. Twenty percent of the iced drinkers said it helped them cool down, whilst 18% indicated they drank the coffee through a straw.

How Iced Coffee Is Made

Whilst iced brews are made in various ways, there are two primary methods that are used to create the drink. You can either make coffee in the regular way and then cool it by allowing it to drip directly into the ice. Alternately, you can cold-brew it, which means that the coffee is never hot. The grounds are placed in the water and are steeped several hours before the coffee is drank.

Acid Levels in Hot and Cold Coffee

According to testing, acid levels in cold coffees are about one-third of the level of hot coffee. As a result, the coffee is more alkaline in nature, which aids digestion. Also, iced coffee is considered better tasting. The acids and oils in hot coffee tend to make it taste more bitter. The oils in coffee solubles oxidise more quickly, which causes hot coffee to exude a more sour quality. The acids also degrade, which adds to more bitterness.

Use the Right Coffee-making Equipment

The less bitter taste of cold brew is likely the reason iced coffee drinkers exclaim that cold coffee is more refreshing. However, in all fairness, hot coffee has its merits too—something which has been confirmed by coffee aficionados throughout the world. To really make a tasty brew, hot or cold, you need to have the right equipment to perform the task. That way, you can become a coffee-making expert and a happier coffee drinker as well.

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