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How to Make Your Kids’ Sleepover Fun

We all remember our first sleepover. It was exciting to have a bunch of friends over for a night, and it was much different than just having someone over to watch TV or play games for a couple of hours. Parents who have children that are reaching the age where sleepovers begin will want to know how to make that experience just as fun for them.

There are several precautions you can take to make sure that your kid(s) and their friends are able to have fun, eat great food, and enjoy a good night’s sleep after an energetic day. Here is how to make your kids’ sleepover fun and memorable.

Proper sleeping gear

While taking a nap won’t be on your kid’s mind for a while, it helps to have everything necessary for them to sleep well and not wake up the next day exhausted. That’s where sleeping gear comes in, as there is a variety of kid decorative pillows that keep children’s head comfortable. The designs will also be fun for your kids to show off.

It also helps to have extra sleeping bags available in case any of the kids coming over forget theirs or don’t have one. You can make blankets, regular pillows, and even couch cushions and pillows that will not only keep the kids comfy, but also be useful when they want to build forts and imagine they are staying in a castle.

Limited guest list

Hosting a sleepover can be tough, especially if you’ve never had one at your house before. It can be a challenge keeping track of your own kid, but it’s another experience when you have to look after other kids at the same time. If you want to make this task easy, you should limit the number of friends that you have over the first night.

The best numbers for such an occasion are three or four, as this is an amount that is small enough for you to not lose track of anyone, but big enough for your kids to have a good time. This also helps you get used to the occasion so that you can slowly move up to five, six, and maybe even seven in the future. Three to four kids also makes it easier for groups to decide on what to eat or do for fun.

Established rules

As much as kids can be bummed out hearing about rules and restrictions for their fun time, they can actually come in handy for not only keeping kids safe, but establishing what the plan is for the night. It’s important to be polite when you’re telling the kids what they can’t do, such as jumping on the bed or running in crowded areas with fine China.

In addition to setting safety standards and the time for going to bed, you can make the games and activities available clear from the get-go. This includes board games, spaces where the kids can play catch or kickball, and a list of movies that the whole group can enjoy. You should also give all of the kids your phone number for an emergency in case they’re outside while you’re working on something inside.

Ideas from other parents

It can be a challenge coming up with things for the kids to do when this is your first time hosting a sleepover. Your kid(s) may not talk to much about what they do with their friends for fun at school or their houses, and you can’t always assume what kids like just from popular trends. That’s where asking advice from the friends’ parents comes in handy.

Your children may have been hanging out at their friend’s place more than yours, so you can ask the parents what they do so that you have everything available that they like. Asking your friends how they handle sleepovers can also be helpful, especially if they are used to hosting larger crowds.

Providing new activities

Knowing what your kids do for fun with their friends at other houses or school may also help you figure out what not to do for the sleepover. Part of having a fun time is doing something new, so it could be easy for the kids to get bored if they are given something to do that they’ve already done countless times.

This includes giving the kids games to do that can either be active and give them the exercise they need or mentally challenging so that they can build their problem-solving skills. Make sure there is room inside appropriate for these games, as well as room outside before the sun goes down. Video games with both purposes should also be made available.

Consider these tips so that your kids’ first sleepover will be one they never forget.

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