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How to make 25th wedding anniversary of your parents memorable

It is your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary – Silver Jubilee! It means they have spent 25 beautiful years in each other’s company, through ups and downs, through thick and thin, making memories along the way. 25 year old rock solid marriage is proof of unfailing love and togetherness which calls for a celebration to highlight the acceptance, love and companionship towards with each other.

How can you celebrate their important day, and what contribution can you make, to make their 25th Marriage Anniversary Party a memorable one?

  1. Surprise Party – Pretend not to be too enthusiastic about the upcoming important day, and causally ask both the parents their action plan. Make sure they do not have an exclusive plan for themselves, and then put together a surprise party with their friends and family. This requires meticulous planning and execution, so work out the minute details to perfection, and make it a grand successful one.
  2. Jewelry – Gifts do mean a lot, but a piece of jewelry is beyond happiness. Usually, 25th marriage anniversary is celebrated by gifting silver articles or silver jewelry, as it signifies Silver Jubilee. So, choose or get personalized a silver chain, or pendant. Another good idea would be a couples’ locket/ pendant, where both of their pictures can be fixed. Jewelry with engraved initials on it would also be a great idea.
  3. Flowers, Wine and Chocolates – Surprise party could be clubbed together with flowers, wine and chocolates. These are perfect ingredients of a good party and are known to uplift moods and add elegance to the celebrations.
  4. Accessories – Gifting mom and dad personalized or couple accessories like a couples’ watch set, similar and customized clothes, color coded clothing and accessories etc. would make a great anniversary gifting idea.
  1. Music – One may wonder, how can music be gifted? Well, music can not only be gifted but also be personalized and customized. With Saregama Carvaan, which is preloaded with 5000 evergreen songs sung by legendary singers like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, R D Burman, Asha Bhosale, and many more artists, you may just be able to give your parents’ one of the best anniversary gifts. This is because, Saregama Carvaan is a portable music player with an in-built Bluetooth speaker, USB drive, and FM Radio, which makes it a best anniversary gift because you would be able to personalized the playlist to suit the taste and preferences of your parents, or even add some songs which are special to them or have some memories attached to their love and marriage.

  1. This portable digital audio player is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for mother and father because it has a multitude of features like an inbuilt stereo which comes loaded with the best of retro songs, which your parents would enjoy. Its FM Radio feature would keep your parents up to date with the recent blockbuster songs. That apart, it has the feature of USB drive which makes it possible to listen to one’s favorite numbers by merely connecting the devices.

The user interface of the Carvaan is very easy to handle and gets easily familiar to the older generation as well as youngsters alike. With just one turn of the knob, one can easily switch between soulful to classic numbers, based on the listener’s mood, choice of singer, choice of lyricist and so on, without a break or an advertisement. It also comes packed with the entire enriching collection of Ameen Sayani’s Geetmala which older generation would love to listen to. It is easy to maintain and handle, is easy on pockets, comes with hassle-free troubleshooting, and brilliant customer service in case of issues.

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