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How to Check the Quality of Your Knitwear

Sweaters and other knitted garments are quite popular among people of all ages. They look extremely elegant, and also provide the wearer with warmth and comfort. Knitted clothing like cardigans, jumpers, and sweaters generally work during the winter months. However, the prices for such clothes start from a few pounds, and can go into hundreds. Here are some factors that determine the price of the knitted clothes you buy:

  • Company’s profit margins
  • Quality of fabric used
  • Hand or machine-knitted
  • Source price of the material

If you are looking for a new sweater, you might want to consider visiting some of the best knitwear manufacturers in London. Here are a few ways to check for a high-quality sweater.

 It’s Heavier than You Would Expect

The simplest way to gauge the quality of a knitted sweater is to simply pick it up. If the sweater is heavier than you expected it to be, it shows that the garment was made from high-quality material.

Finished Edges

Take a look at the seams inside the sweater. If they all have finished edges inside, it’s a clear indicator that the sweater is of very high quality. If the sweater is made from one particular strand, it won’t even pill that much.

2-ply Yarn

Always go for a sweater made from a 2-ply yarn. This means two pieces of cashmere or cotton that are knitted and twisted together for a much better finish.

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