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Great Gadgets for the Campsite

Camping: It’s the Marmite of our modern day; you either love it or hate it. For those who stand in either ‘camp’, the game has changed over recent years. While some people prefer to embrace the great outdoors without any help from contemporary technology, others quite enjoy the perks that living in the 21st century can add.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of besting the wild using primitive means, or you’re packing your tent and some energy drinks for a festival weekend, here are some great gadgets that are guaranteed to complement your campsite experience.

A Pop-up Tent

Setting up camp can be one of the best or worst parts of your outdoor adventure. If the weather is fine, it can be quite a pleasant relaxed affair for everyone involved. If, however, you’re not so lucky, then you probably want to get out of the wind and wet as quickly as possible. The first ‘gadget’ is a fantastic invention that in recent years has been perfected and is becoming increasingly popular.

A pop-up tent often comes as a flat, disc shape that is extremely light, compact and transportable. All you have to do is unleash it from its casing and watch the tent assemble itself before your eyes almost instantly. You might have to add an extra cover and stick a few pegs in here and there, but apart from that, there is no faster way to erect your shelter. Visit Outdoor World Direct where pop-upVango tents are cheap.

Spot GPS

If you’re trekking a little further from civilisation, the spot GPS is a fantastic device to let people know you haven’t gone off the radar, permanently, that is.

With the press of a button, this handheld satellite device will send your pre-prepared email or text to whatever addresses and phone numbers that you’ve programmed in. Your GPS position can appear on a Google map, and the device can even send the same message at regular intervals to update your location. A spot GPS is a great gadget to keep you safe and see where you’ve been!

Sleeping Bag Suits

Our next fantastic invention is part novelty, part practical, but 100% fun. A sleeping bag suit is essentially a sleeping bag shaped like a person, allowing you to zip yourself into the warmth! Regular sleeping bags do a great job, but how many cold camping nights have you wanted to stay in them while you pop out to find the closest toilet? All your limbs are wrapped, and the hood will keep your ears toasty. Pick the right size (with a little breathing space, of course) and you never actually have to take them off!

Unless you get too warm, you can walk and run, eat, drink, and sleep in your suit. It isn’t uncommon for people to suit up on a lazy Sunday, and enjoy a cosy sleeping bag session on the sofa, either!

Windproof Lighter

Have you ever tried to use a lighter or a match to get a fire going? Or have you ever tried to light a fire outside in the wind? The traditional methods of using hands as a shield, and then lining up everyone on the campsite as a human wind-break doesn’t always work, no matter how hard you try. Here’s where our first gadget comes in handy.

Windproof lighters take all the hassle and stress out of man’s timeless challenge. Man must make fire! Light a barbecue, a bonfire or candles, even in the midst of gale force winds. Windproof lighters really do what they say on the tin, you can pick one up for less than £10, they use butane gas and the flame is usually always adjustable allowing you to light up your campsite, whatever the weather.

Festival feet

We’ve catered for our mountaineers, so here’s one for our festival fans.

Wellington boots can quickly strip you of your leg hairs, rub your shins and ankles red raw and quite honestly stop you looking your festival best. In the past, plastic bags and rubber bands were the only way to stop your lovely shoes and trainers being caked in layers of mud. Enter Festival Feet! Festival Feet are waterproof, mud-proof and grass-proof and come in bright colours and designs. These plastic socks fit over the top of your footwear, and the laces at the top can be tied for ultimate protection whilst still exuding that funky look.

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