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Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Stripping Machines

If you own a business, your employees may be recommending you purchase a floor stripping machine. If you have no idea what this is, you may find yourself with many questions. Here are a few of the questions you may have about this type of machine.

What Tasks Does a Floor Stripping Machine Do?

A floor stripper is designed to remove build up from a floor. This involves removing left over soap, wax, residue and even gum. The stripper strips all of these items from the floor, which can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do by hand. Typically, this type of machine is used on tile and wood floors, but can also be used on sealed cement and linoleum floors.

How Can Having a Floor Stripping Machine Benefit My Business?

There are a few benefits to owning this type of machine for a business. First, it helps to keep your floors clean. And having clean, well-kept floors helps ensure that your floors last as long as they are supposed to. Another benefit that stripping the floor has it that it helps keep the floor safe for customers and employees. If wax or debris builds up on the floor, it can make the floor slippery. This can cause an employee to slip and fall or cause a customer to do so. In this case, you may find yourself being sued or facing bad publicity. Keeping the floors properly cared for helps prevent this from happening to you. Lastly, a floor stripper quickly strips the floor with minimal employee labor. This helps to get the job done quickly, so your employees can move on to other tasks.

Am I Better Off Renting or Buying a Floor Stripping Machine?

If your floor needs to be stripped, you can rent one of these machines. However, if you find your floor needing to be stripped often, you may find that you spend a lot of money renting the machine. This can quickly add up and you may be better off simply buying one. Additionally, when you rent the machine, someone has to go pick it up and return. This takes time out of your employee’s busy schedule. In most cases, if your floor needs to be frequently stripped, you are better off buying the machine to do so yourself.

Buying a machine to strip your floors can be a big investment. As such, you may be wary of jumping right in and buying it if your employees recommend you do so. However, getting answers to the questions you have and doing your research about them will help you determine if it is something that your business should invest in or not.

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