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Five most stylish stars of Hollywood

When we talk about the most beautifully dressed Hollywood stars, we need to add these five people in it. There is a list that shows the currently top 50 Hollywood stars and these people are the integral part of that list. Wherever they go, whatever they do, they carry an immense sense of fashion and the clothes they wear suit them perfectly!

Jennifer Lopez:

Even when high school students go for cheap dresses,they try to carry it the way JLo carries her dresses! From the high school students to the woman of 50, everyone is astonished with her sense of fashion. She’s a Valentino girl. You will find most of her dresses prepared by this brand. She also flaunts Versace in some of the red carpet appearances. She knows what goes perfectly with the dress and get ready according to the dress only and thus portrays such gorgeous looks each and every time!

Taylor Swift:

Though this singer is not that an integral part of Hollywood, still her sense of style is praiseworthy! Short and black dresses are in her most favourite list. She loves to wear such dresses. She loves to flaunt normal shirts with skinny leather pants. Sometimes she wears a small dress with a large kimono or a trench coat. She loves to wear different types of body hugging dresses that fully complement her figure. She sometimes goes for wrapping dresses as well. She doesn’t always go for plunging neck line, but when she does, she does it the best! You can find cheap black dresses in some websites and you can team it up with a designer kimono to grab that look of hers. That kimono will compliment the dress properly.

Cate Blanchett:

She’s not only an inspiring, strong actress, but one of the style icons of Hollywood. She looks adorable in most of her gowns and most of her red carpet looks include flower patterns and designs. She can carry this style with such an ease.

Emma Watson:

Going for a prom night? Have you bought a cheap prom dress?Want to know how to look confident in whatever you wear? Go and check Emma Watson. She’s a sweetheart, a style diva and she knows what to wear and how to wear. She knows her limitations and what looks best on her! Her street styles are so amazing that you will find her as your girl next door and at the same time her red carpet looks are elegant. The gowns that she chose are amazing and fully complement the shape of her body.

Keira Knightley:

She’s the last one in the list. No matter what this ‘pirate’ girl wears, she can carry that. Even when she was pregnant, she carried a wonderful dress that looked perfect on her!

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