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Do’s And Don’ts of Umbrella Maintenance

Umbrella is an important accessory which is used quite frequently by both men and women. It is used in sunny weather as well as in rainy weather conditions. You must have noticed that umbrellas come in different sizes, shapes, designs and colors and you can choose the one that seems most suitable. Many women like to take umbrellas that gel with their dresses to make an ultimate style statement.

Whether you have a single piece of umbrella or many umbrellas in your collection, it is important that you take care of the same and maintain it well so that it functions properly for long period of time. Without proper maintenance, the accessory will develop problems and its durability and longevity will be hampered. Mentioned below are some tips, which will help in proper maintenance of an umbrella and keep it in good condition for long:

  • Before the umbrella is opened, make sure that you shake the panels and straighten the ribs. For offering extra protection to the ribs, open the umbrella slowly. Sudden opening might cause damage to the ribs. Also strong winds might lead to rib fracture. Refrain from taking an ordinary and general umbrella out in windy conditions. There are special windproof umbrellas available for such purposes.
  • It is recommended not to fold umbrellas while they are still wet. Keep the umbrella open after you get indoors and let it dry completely. Along with the canopy, the ribs and the panels of the umbrella should also be dry from inside and outside. The best way to do the same is by hanging the thing upside down in any well-ventilated place. Only after the umbrella is completely dry, fold it and keep it.
  • If the canopy of the umbrella is made from nylon or other synthetic materials, keep it safe from tobacco or ash of cigarettes. Sparks from these sources might lead to burns and holes on the canopy. Many people also use plastic umbrellas as they look fancy and are light weight at the same time. But these accessories should not be used in scorching sun as it might lead to panel perishing. They can be used in mild sunshine or light rainy conditions.
  • When you buy a new umbrella, do not make the mistake of not using it for long time. At least use it couple of times and then you can pack and store it for occasional use. Basically a new umbrella canopy contains some kind of acid and this need to be washed away. If you have a lime wall at home, refrain hanging the unit on the wall as it might lead to panel embrittlement. For protecting from dust, put the thing in a pouch.
  • Sometimes umbrellas get deformed as it is not used in proper manner. Many people use these as walking sticks, which should be absolutely avoided. Also sometimes these units are exposed to intense heat and this might bring in deformity in the accessory.

Take care and maintain the umbrella well and it will serve you for a long time.

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