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Cleaning Your Plush Animals- Step By Step Instructions To Be Followed

Plush animals are one of the best companions for most of the young kids. Whether you have a girl or a boy, a stuffed pony or a teddy bear can be the ideal travel or sleeping partner, who can comfort your little one a lot. There are a number of situations when your kids treasure the stuffed animals even while they grow up.

As these toys are used rigorously, therefore these are often peed on, dropped in the dirt and accumulate dirt and dust over a certain period of time. Besides, kids often stuff these toys in their mouth without thinking whether these are dirty or not. This is why cleaning these toys are important.

So, if you want to clean the plush animals to maintain hygiene for your kid, then here come some easy and hassle-free ways to clean and wash your kid’s stuffed animals.

  1. Before Washing, Check the Tag Of The Stuffed Animal: Before you wash a plush animal, you need to check the instructions of washing mentioned on the tag. The instructions of washing often differ because of the particular features of each toy type. For example, plush toys that come with small foam balls inside must not be washed in the washing machine. These toys should be washed through a quick spot clean method.
  2. Guide to Wash Plush Toys in the Washing Machine: In case you are planning to wash the stuff toys in the washer, don’t forget to remove the added delicate parts, fix the tears that require sewing and secure all the strings. Don’t use an agitator that can display batting or stuffing inside the toy, making it really lose. Besides, this can also damage the fragile fabric of the animal. In case of washing the toys in a top loader washer, then prepare a soap solution before putting the animal in it.

Here Are Some Other Things To Check In This Regard:

  • Pop the toy in a mesh bag to protect it.
  • Always use a delicate or gentle cycle to wash toys
  • Always use cold or lukewarm water to wash toys to prevent the damage of fabric
  1. Guide to Hand Wash the Stuffed Toy: There are a number of plush toys that come with delicate features or designs. These toys should be carefully hand washed. For the quick spot cleaning, you can use some shampoo or mild soapy water. Apply the water with a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub the excess grime off. Then wipe off the foam with a piece of towel or cloth.
  2. Drying the Toy: Last but not least, it is important to dry the plushy or stuffed toy thoroughly before giving it back to the kid. Otherwise, it can result in the growth of mildew. You should always dry the toy in a conventional way by hanging it up on the clothesline by using clips. Here the sun will work as the natural sanitizer. Don’t use the dryer to dry the toy as this can melt the glue or can damage the fragile parts.

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