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Akoya Pearls and Its Value Factor

As we all are aware of akoya pearls and how much in demand they are, let us now about its overall value factor.

The value of akoya pearls is estimated through its six quality attributes. When just a strand or single akoya pearl score a very high category each excluding size, then it is known to be the pearl of highest quality or “hanadama quality”. Yet since two pearls cannot be identical, there would still be a quality range within the within hanadama itself.


 The size range of akoya pearls usually is between 2 to 11 mm. on the other hand, the other pearls found in the market are usually between 6 and 8 mm. When all the other factors are taken to be equal, then the larger the pearls the more expensive and valuable they are considered to be. For more details on all kinds of pearls and pearl jewelries do browse through the site https://pearlsonly.ca/.


 Akoya pearl oysters get grafted with beads that are round and small in shape. This is the reason why if you are wondering why are akoya pearls round in shape, this is the reason behind it. The other kind of shapes like oval, drops or even baroques which are exotically colored does exist, however they are quite rare and infrequent ones.


 Usually as noticed, akoya pearls turn out being white in color. They also come with silver and slightly rose overtone. However these are not artificial colors since they are natural. Since akoya pearls are subjected to treatments like maeshori (which is a pre treatment which helps to increase the luster), bleaching (which helps to provide the pearl with a uniform white color). The last is the pink technique where organic dye helps to bless the pearls with a pink overtone.

The body of akoya pearl generally has colors such as yellow, white, cream, silver-blue, and silver. They also get secondary overtones such as green, pink and silver.


One of the chief reasons why akoya pearls are so valued and renowned is due to their mirror-like luster. The very essential value factor of akoya pearl is because of its luster and this point is highly noticed, when it comes to it’s grading. A strand that exhibits a very high luster as well as a little bit of blemish is considered to be more valuable than a strand which is clearer which comes with less luster. A little bit of blemishes here and there also increases the value of this pearl.


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