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A Rainbow of Colour: Finding Great Ribbon Options

Art and fashion often serve as concrete, tangible representations of abstract emotions and ideals. We, as people, have come to create a world where pigment and art happen to colour and code our daily lives in ways that we so often take for granted.

On the surface, it can seem strange to think that something as simple as a ribbon can say so much, and yet they have come to stand out as one of the understated ways of making an emotional statement today. A yellow ribbon tied around a tree has come to symbolise remembrance in the wake of war or tragedy. A pink ribbon has come to stand as an inspirational symbol of hope in the face of breast cancer. We attach black ribbon to our clothing at funerals, while white ribbon and lace can be found gracing weddings all over the world.

Whether you’re looking to decorate packages or make a powerful statement for a cause you hold dear, here is a quick look at what ribbons can do for you.

Single, Double, and Sticky-sided Ribbon

When to it comes to selecting the best ribbon for your purposes, the most important decisions you’ll have to make are whether you want a single or double-sided ribbon, and whether or not you want or need a sticky ribbon. The latter category here is especially pertinent when selecting ribbon for the purposes of packaging and decoration—its acetate back is ideal for sticking to surfaces. The question of single vs. double-sided ribboning comes back to the question of the purpose of the ribbon—single-sided printed material works well for ribbons that are to be worn, while a double-sided ribbon comes with more of a decorative intent. Either way, any ribbon selection often comes in beautiful satin and an array of bright, beautiful colours.

Specialised Ribbon

Special events and occasions call for special decorations, including your choice of ribbon.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting the type of ribbon is whether you would like printing to show up on the ribbon and, if so, in what way. As printing technology gets better, printed ribbons have become both more common and more striking, and stand today as one of the most popular items in the industry. Ribbons are perfect for everything from corporate functions and public fundraisers to wedding decorations and “get well” mementos for hospital stays. When it comes time to select the printing itself, you’ll want to pay special attention to the type of font used, the colour of your wording, the colour of the ribbon, and the fabric of the material itself. Some colour combinations show up better than others, so be sure to preview your selection or ask for assistance. One choice option available today is that of foil printing, which prints your selected message in elegant silver or gold-coloured foil across the face of the ribbon.

Find fine ribbon selections in every colour of the rainbow today!

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