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5 Gifts that You Shouldn’t Give to Your Girlfriend

For most men, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be totally meaningless and they prefer not to spend their time and energy buying gifts for their sweetheart. But since the story is a little different on other side so they have to forcefully push themselves to buy gift for their girlfriend. Mostly women love attention and they also love the fact that her girlfriends are a little envious of her relationship and hence they love receiving gifts from their boyfriend. So, if you hate Valentine’s Day and you hate the explicit expression of love and romance then we are sure that you are going to land up with a gift that will put you in hot waters. Make sure that you don’t buy one of these gifts.

Cash can Crash your Relationship

One of the most ridiculous gifts that you can give to your girlfriend is cash. It is the least thoughtful gift that you can think of and there are chances that you will be gifted with a dark spot in return. If you know her too well, show her that by getting her something that she’s been really looking forward too.

Want to end the relationship, gift her a gym voucher

It will make her feel that you consider her to be fat and therefore this gift. Moreover, gifting her the membership of gym is going to increase her insecurity and make her feel all the more uncomfortable.

She will be totally crushed, if you go to the extent of actually giving her nothing. If you can’t think of anything on a Valentine gifts for her then you can be sure that a break-up is around the corner.

Clothes may not be the best Option

Buying her clothes can put you in serious trouble. If you buy something oversize, there are chances that she will feel that you consider her too fat and buying something skinny will make her feel that even more miserable. So rather than pushing your brain to an extent where it starts aching, it is best to gift her a gift voucher of her favorite store so that she can get whatever she wants.

Say a Complete “No” to Fake Jewelry

Buying her a fake jewelry can be insulting especially when you are picking a jewelry which inherently looks cheap. There are chances that she might be forced to believe that your love for her is also fake like the jewelry that you have gifted her.

So, if you want to be on the safe side, send her flowers. A gift that will be truly cherished by the women of your dreams. If she is far away from you, don’t give an excuse, send flowers to Pune or Patiala with the help of online portals.

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