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3 Sandblasting Accessories Every Novice Must Have

Sandblasting is an ideal way to remove the finish from everything from vehicle parts to furniture, which is why this is one industrial technique that is no longer just reserved for professionals. You can buy a small sandblaster gun and other equipment which is designed specifically for general-purpose use. However convenient it may be to have a sandblaster setup in your own garage, you should know that there are a few other things you will need to invest in as a novice that will make the process not just easier, but much more safe.

Heavy-Duty Sandblasting Gloves

Keeping your hands protected as you use a sandblaster gun will be one of the most important things you can do. A stray particle shooting from the sandblaster at a high rate of speed can easily cause scratches and abrasions if your hands happen to get in the way. Invest in a good, heavy-duty pair of leather sandblasting gloves, which usually have features like reinforced palms and cotton lining.

Water-Induction Nozzle System

As you are getting the feel for sandblasting with your new equipment, you will learn quickly that some applications require moisture to be most successful. Water-induction nozzle systems are designed to attach right to your sandblaster gun and supply water through a small hose which connects to an available water hose. These systems are a snap to use and don;t require a lot of water for operation.

Grip Handle for your Sandblasting Gun

You may not have a lot issues holding the affixed handle on your sandblaster when you first start a project, but if you are attempting a more lengthy task, your hands can grow tired and it can be quite difficult to hold onto the standard handle on the gun. Invest in a good grip handle to replace your current handle. These handles have shock-absorbing rubber grips to help give you better control and prevent slippage.

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